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Food Drive – THANK YOU!!!!

Posted Apr 26 2021 | Category: News

This information was originally posted on April 26, 2021. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Food Donations
Total cans collected to date – 15,153

**The winner for the grade level competition is the 8th Grade!**

  • 8th grade – 5,985
  • 6th grade – 3,857
  • 7th grade – 1,480
  • Community – 3,831

I am so impressed and so proud of this year’s results. I never thought the 2021 Food Drive would be this successful considering the challenges we’ve dealt with this past year. Even in a pandemic, we can show the world the kindness we have in our hearts for those who are hungry.

Thank you to the Hauser staff, especially Mrs. Mahy and Mr. Harvalis, for leading and allowing food packing to happen during the Hauser school day. I believe providing the opportunity for each student to pack meals has left a very lasting impression on how they can give back…such an important lesson to teach.

We did pick up right where we left off….we collected 15,000 cans and packed 50,000 meals!

Thank You Hauser AND the D96 Community!
– Lisa Gaynor and Lisa Swicionis

Questions? Please contact Lisa Gaynor at ltgaynor@aol.com or Lisa Swicionis at lisa.swicionis@gmail.com