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Food Drive – Wrap-up VIDEO!

Posted May 18 2020 | Category: News

This information was originally posted on May 18, 2020. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.


THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the Hauser Food Drive! – Please click on the following link to watch the wrap-up/thank you video:  VIDEO – Hauser Food Drive Wrap Up

Hauser collected 14,100 cans and $12,410.  An absolutely remarkable effort toward reaching our goals!

  • Class Competition 
    1st place – 7th with 6,457 cans
    2nd place – 6th with 4,399 cans
    3rd place – 8th with 2,908 cans
  • Raffle – The winner of the raffle for a Chick-fil-A lunch for their entire lunch table (next school year) is Alice B. Congrats!
  • Penny Wars – Next school year, 7th grade will receive their sweet treat for winning Penny Wars.

Questions? Please contact Lisa Gaynor at ltgaynor@aol.com or lisa.swicionis @lisa.swicionis@gmail.com