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Invite a veteran to Hauser’s Veterans Day Celebration!

Posted Nov 4 2019 | Category: News

Hauser Junior High will present a Veterans Day Program next Monday, November 11th at 8:45 am in the Hauser Auditorium. Please invite parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends, brothers, and sisters to attend the celebration!

*Calling all Veterans* – Veterans are encouraged to speak briefly about their service at the assembly. Veterans will be introduced by their Hauser student. Please RSVP by returning the following form to Mrs. Byland:  Veterans Day Invitation 2019

Hauser Veterans Day Program
DATE: Monday, November 11
TIME: 8:45 am
PLACE: Hauser Auditorium

The Hauser Symphonic Band, Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Choir will perform.

RECEPTION: A reception for Veterans, their family and friends will follow the assembly at 9:30am in the Hauser Library.

Questions? and RSVPs to Mrs. Byland at bylandc@district96.org