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Last call for monetary donations for the Hauser’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

Posted Apr 29 2019 | Category: News

This information was originally posted on April 29, 2019. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Last call for monetary donations for this year’s Hauser Teacher Appreciation Week. It is next week!

This year’s theme is:  “Thank You for Taking Care of our Little Monsters”.  Each day of the week will have a theme — Monday-Always WATCHING our ‘lil Monsters, Tuesday-Frightening Fruit Delight, Wednesday-Bagels and Scream Cheese, Thursday-Brainy Dips and Friday-Monster Ball Luncheon. In addition to treats throughout the week and a luncheon, we would also like to give the staff some gifts throughout the day on Friday.   All monetary donations received will be put toward the luncheon and/or teacher gifts.  Any questions, contact Lisa Swicionis at lisa.swicionis@gmail.com or 708-404-9312 or Joan Kanatas at joankanatas@yahoo.com or 708-819-0283.

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