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THANK YOU to all who helped make this year’s graduation party a success!

Posted Jun 15 2018 | Category: News

This information was originally posted on June 15, 2018. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

 The 8th Grade Graduation Party was a success! We would like to thank the MANY Hauser 8th grade parents who volunteered their time, lent us their creativity, and generously donated to make the party great.

Special thanks go to:

-The Decorations Committee for turning the township auditorium into a fabulous tropical paradise! Shout out to Riverside Fire Chief Matt Buckley for allowing (and monitoring) the lit outdoor tiki lights that greeted the kids as they made their way inside.

-The Entertainment Committee for lining up a DJ the kids loved!

-The Food Committee for wowing the kids with their “beach balls,” “coconuts,” fruit skewers and sherbet cups to cool them off.

-The Photos Committee for creating clever school photo boards that kept the kids reminiscing all night long.

-The 7th Grade parents whose help allowed 8th grade parents to spend time with their grads!

-The Check-in and Check-out committees for keeping the lines peacefully moving.

-The Quiet Room committee for creating a secondary space for the kids to enjoy.

-The 25+ chaperones who kept 200+ excited boys and girls safe and sound all night!

Thank you all! Have a great summer!
Cristin Evans
Kim Marrero