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IMPORTANT Hauser 8th Grade Graduation Party Info: PLEASE READ!

Posted May 29 2018 | Category: News

This information was originally posted on May 29, 2018. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

We have planned a FABULOUS Luau Party to celebrate our 8th Grade Graduates Thursday night from 8:30-11:30pm!

Here’s some basic info: 
  • Buses will be located outside RBHS immediately after the ceremony to take the kids to Village Hall. Bus transport is encouraged, but not required.
  • Please make sure your student has submitted a permission slip to attend the event. Students won’t be able to join the party without a permission slip. The slips will be used at check-in, check out and in case of emergency.
  • The kids will enjoy a super fun night of Hawaiian-themed snacks, their favorite tunes spun by DJ HYPE, dancing and more! A quiet room with board games and a movie also will be available for kids who would rather chill out.

There will be many parent chaperones around to ensure your child’s safety during the event.


For safety reasons, no child will be allowed to leave the party unless accompanied by a parent or person authorized as noted on their permission slip.

  • You must be present to sign out your child.
  • Check-out volunteers will not be able to send your child out to your car. As tempting as it might be, please don’t text your 8th Grader and ask them to meet you outside.
  • Chaperones will be stationed at front and back doors to ensure proper procedure is followed.

Your cooperation with this procedure will be greatly appreciated by check-out volunteers. They will have a very long night ahead of them if they have to track down kids who weren’t properly signed out to ensure they are safely at home.

2018 PTO Graduation Party invite and permission slip

Thank you!  Any questions or concerns, please contact Kim Marrero at kjmarrero2000 @ gmail .com  or Cristin Evans at cristin.evens@gmail.com.