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This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at Hauser. Still looking for a few volunteers

Posted May 7 2018 | Category: News

This information was originally posted on May 7, 2018. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

It is Hauser Teacher Appreciation Week this week!

This year’s theme is:  “Now Showing”.  Each day of the week will have a theme — Monday-Thanks a “Latte”, Tuesday-It’s been a “Sweet” year, Wednesday-Keep Calm and Teach On, Thursday-We are “Popping” with thanks and Friday-Thanks for a “Picture Perfect Year”.  In addition to treats throughout the week and a luncheon, we would also like to give the staff some gifts throughout the day on Friday.  Still would like to contribute?  There are few spots left for donations and volunteers.  Please see the sign-up below.  Any money received will be put toward the luncheon and/or raffle items.  Any questions, contact Hilda Ortiz at 708-710-0911 or Olga Diaz.

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